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178: Robert Hackney – Charlotte Business Group

A lot of us already belong to a business networking group, which means we’ve attended some happy hours, met people, collected business cards, and…. moved on. One professional networking group, though, wants you to put your time and talents to work for a good cause NOT necessarily related to your business – to help you grow personally and professionally.

The Charlotte Business Group calls itself the largest business networking group in the Greater Charlotte area, founded in 2017 on 3 basic principles—and first among them, is PHILANTHROPY. Their founder, Robert Hackney, is a volunteer at Loaves & Fishes food bank, a boys basketball coach at church, and a crew leader for Habitat for Humanity… and he serves in the National Guard Reserves. When does he sleep? We don’t know, but we’re happy to welcome him to the BrandBuilders Podcast.

177: Matt Uher & Mike Stiner – Soccer Shots

When you have kids, you work hard to keep them active. In addition to “go play outside,” you also want them involved in some sort of coached sport so they learn good fundamentals of hard work and fair play. How do you do that, especially when they’re young?

Well first, you emphasize the fun, because kids learn best through play. Our next guests on the BrandBuilders Podcast know that too, because the organization they own has become a household name for anyone with kids who want to learn soccer. Soccer Shots has become a Charlotte youth institution, offered at dozens and dozens of schools, parks, and preschools around the region. If you ever played soccer or have kids, please welcome Matt Uher and Mike Stiner from Soccer Shots.

176: Paul Hosage – Tread Connection

Getting new tires is probably not high on everyone’s list of ‘fun things to do.’ And you know who else noticed that? The manager of a tire store. Paul Hosage became an area manager of a tire chain, but he noticed along the way that customers, while happy to have new tires, almost universally did NOT enjoy sitting in the waiting rooms of tire stores. So he and his brother Alex came up with an idea: Let people sit at work or at home, or doing what they need to do, while we install new tires on their cars with a mobile tire installation van.

175: Chris Meade – CROSSNET

If you’ve ever been to summer camp – or even recess at school – you’ve probably grabbed a ball and dashed towards the pavement with the big painted square divided into four parts. Yes, foursquare. And as you grew up, you progressed to friendly games of volleyball at your company picnic or the beach. But what if you could combine the two? Seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, someone did. Three childhood friends, in fact, created a quick set-up game of volleyball four-square called CROSSNET.

174: Cindy Anderson – Thinc Strategy

Finding the right strategy for business is like standing at a 5-point intersection and wondering which turn will take you where you want to go. The smartest thing to do is ask someone who’s been there before, and follow their directions. Thinc Strategy is that partner who will guide you down the path to make your business successful. Their Founder and CEO, Cindy Anderson followed her own path of building and selling companies, to get where she is today. She’s here with us on the BrandBuilders Podcast to talk about the steps she took to get where she is now.

173: Jeff Nischwitz – Nischwitz Group

Could you use a little motivation right now? Is month after month of working at home, kids learning at home, and cooking at home, left you feeling in a rut? We’ve got the guy who can help. Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast is someone who can look deep into your story, ask the right questions, and tell you exactly how to lift yourself up and get going.

Jeff Nischwitz is owner/founder of the Nischwitz Group, a lawyer, author, and motivational speaker here to set your day on fire.

172: Greg Harris – VitaCorpo

Our country is looking for ways to safely return workers to offices and keep businesses open, even as a second surge of COVID threatens to set us back. Employee health surveys are one way, but wouldn’t it be easier to have a data-driven way for employees to test their own health before they leave home? Well, yes – and there’s an app for that! A Charlotte-based app developer has created a way for workers to check their own temperature and blood oxygen levels, and report it directly to an app to share with their employer. It’s a cool new way to use technology to solve a problem… and their CEO is with us today on the BrandBuilders Podcast. Welcome Greg Harris, from Vitacorpo.

171: Ted Rosenau – Petty Thieves Brewing Co

It’s no secret this has been a tough year for breweries. Along with the rest of the restaurant business, breweries are under strict limits about how many people they can serve indoors. Now imagine you are building out your lifelong dream of opening your brewery when COVID hits – and you have to call an audible. That’s exactly what Petty Thieves Brewing did, and still opened in September just north of uptown off Graham Street. One of their founders joins us on the BrandBuidlers Podcast to give us some insight into how Petty Thieves jumped through hoops to land on opening day. Welcome, Ted Rosenau!

170: Lauren Bremer – Tyler 2

Construction is booming in Charlotte, and there are plenty of companies around to choose from — but only one with a dog in its logo. Tyler 2 Construction has one of the most recognizable logos in town because, frankly, it’s cool to have a dog on your official brand and no one expects that from a construction company. (The Charlotte Observer even did a story about the dog logo!)

Tyler 2 has been around since 1983 and Lauren Bremer is the Business Development Manager there. Yes, there are dogs in the office, and yes, Lauren is posing with her dog in her official company photo, which is also her LinkedIn profile picture. Yes, we have gone to the dogs.. as Lauren joins us now on the BrandBuilders Podcast.

169: Kenny Ramsey – 22 Below

No one likes for their hands to get cold or for their beer to get warm, and Kenny Ramsey has come up with a solution for that. It’s not your normal can koozie though… it’s the culmination of 10 years of thermodynamic technology at work. Kenny is the creator of 22below.. maker of the “subzero” koozie.. which is based in Charlotte and Made in the USA.