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Steve Gruendel – Kinetic Heights

Steve Gruendel and Wilbur Long got the crazy idea to make an indoor ropes challenge course and then some — think “American Ninja Warrior.” And Kinetic Heights was born. The southeast Charlotte center has been booming since opening day. Steve joins us on the BrandBuilders Podcast to tell us how a busy lawyer with kids finds time to be a kid again and build a business that’s all about fun and fitness.

Will Bigham – Stomp, Chomp and Roll

Charlotte has no shortage of great restaurants — and some of the best are homegrown, born-and-raised-here, local favorites. Will Bigham is the man behind Stomp, Chomp and Roll, which owns and operates The Pizza Peel, The Improper Pig, and Flying Biscuit Cafe. Yes, he’s got secret sauces. Yes, he’s got a recipe for success. And he’s our guest here on the BrandBuilders Podcast with The Dunstan Group.

Michael Whiteley – Bear Butt

Our next guest doesn’t do anything by the book, as he openly admits he dropped out of college to start his company whose signature product, the “Hammie,” is getting rave reviews online. He also once sent a trophy to an angry mom as part of customer service, and he’s now launching a Kickstarter campaign to make additions to the product line, while very publicly challenge big names in the outdoor apparel industry. Michael Whiteley of Bear Butt talks shop with us on The Brandbuilders Podcast.

Meggie & Sebastian Williams – Skipper

Working 8 hours (or more) and having a life after work can sometimes conflict with taking proper care of our pets. What do you do? Skipper — formerly known as The Waggle Company — was founded on the premise that your dog needs walking, and someone needs to do it. But unlike other services, Skipper goes high tech with bar codes, GPS tracking, and other features to give dog parents peace of mind.

Founders, Meggie and Sebastian Williams are our guest on this episode of The BrandBuilders Podcast.

Bobby Carrasquillo – Independence Fund

North Carolina is home to several military bases, and because of that, plenty of veterans. VA Hospitals in Charlotte and Salisbury help wounded veterans recover from injuries and provide healthcare… but as you probably know, they can’t provide everything that’s needed.

We’re honored to have Bobby Carrasquillo on the Brandbuilders podcast. A veteran who lived the horrors of war with the 82nd Airborne. His Humvee hit an IED in Baghdad in 2003…. and now he’s helping other veterans recover and live fuller lives despite their injuries. The Independence Fund helps veterans regain mobility, offers support to their caregivers, organizes adaptive sports programs, and advocates for veterans so they can live better lives.

Meg Seitz – toth shop

We all have different gifts — and sometimes, people with great business minds don’t always know how to explain their ideas in a way you’d understand. Sometimes what they really need is an English teacher? Yes, an English teacher. Someone who puts your great ideas into the words you want to say, in a way you want people to hear them.

Meg Seitz is that woman. An English teacher who dove into business school, and realized some of the great business minds around her needed help writing and communicating what they meant. She’s now built her business – toth shop – around that very idea.

Reboot Combat Recovery

In war or in peacetime, a common theme they’ve shared is that many wounds from service can’t be seen. Post Traumatic Stress Disorders affect veterans’ ability to get and retain work, have stable relationships, control their use of drugs and alcohol — or even the will to stay alive. Reboot Combat Recovery is one group that’s trying to change those odds through a 12-week course for veterans AND their families.

Brett Butler – Charlotte Knights

The Charlotte Knights have had season after season of sellouts at their stadium, despite how the team fares on the field. Here on the Brandbuilders Podcast today is the guy with just about the easiest job in Charlotte. Brett Butler is the director of season membership sales with the Charlotte Knights. Brett knows success in his field has little to do with baseball, and a LOT to do with relationships.

Tom Blanchard – Sterling Technology Solutions

Facebook’s Congressional inquiry, Russian election meddling, “fake news” conspiracy conversations… And that’s just the start of how our personal information may be compromised in ways we never imagined. Add to that the always-present threat of viruses and hackers, and it’s a wonder any of us ever want to turn on our computers anymore. Our next guest knows what it takes to keep offices running smoothly and protecting our data too. Welcome Tom Blanchard, of Charlotte-based Sterling Technology Solutions.

John Eades – Learn Loft

There’s an old saying that goes, “lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Whether you believe that one to be from Thomas Paine, General Patton, or some really old Chrysler commercials— it’s still a damned good quote. Trouble is, being a good leader or a good follower just isn’t that simple.

Our guest here on the BrandBuilders Podcast knows that subject well. John Eades is CEO of LearnLoft a full-service organizational health and leadership development company, a LinkedIn “Top Voice,” and speaker.