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Tom Blanchard – Sterling Technology Solutions

Facebook’s Congressional inquiry, Russian election meddling, “fake news” conspiracy conversations… And that’s just the start of how our personal information may be compromised in ways we never imagined. Add to that the always-present threat of viruses and hackers, and it’s a wonder any of us ever want to turn on our computers anymore. Our next guest knows what it takes to keep offices running smoothly and protecting our data too. Welcome Tom Blanchard, of Charlotte-based Sterling Technology Solutions.

John Eades – Learn Loft

There’s an old saying that goes, “lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Whether you believe that one to be from Thomas Paine, General Patton, or some really old Chrysler commercials— it’s still a damned good quote. Trouble is, being a good leader or a good follower just isn’t that simple.

Our guest here on the BrandBuilders Podcast knows that subject well. John Eades is CEO of LearnLoft a full-service organizational health and leadership development company, a LinkedIn “Top Voice,” and speaker.

BrandBuilders – Kaye Williams Cole & Colin Cole

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” That’s a tall order, for sure, and not everyone rises to that challenge. Others do in a very big way. Our next guests fall into the latter half of that bunch, planning events, speaking engagements, and athletic camps with a singular goal: to make a difference. Welcome Colin Cole and Kaye Williams Cole to the BrandBuilders Podcast.

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BrandBuilders – Rachel Sheerin

Our guest here on the Brandbuilders podcast describes herself as a “punk-hardcore-metal-music” -loving.. Dubbels, Trippels, Quads-drinking.. kick-butt speaker, motivator, and sales consultant. – Wow! Her name is Rachel Sheerin, and she guarantees keynote addresses that are like “a double Red Bull Vodka,” full of high energy, humor, and motivation. Fasten your seatbelts, Rachel Sheerin is here on the Brandbuilders podcast!

Brand Builders – Larken Egleston & Tariq Bokhari

That Charlotte is growing and changing is not news. HOW Charlotte is growing and changing is, in itself, an evolving story.

As Charlotte City Council members, Tariq Bokhari and Larken Egleston not only debate growth and change but help make decisions about “how” it will happen. Both are smart and well-versed about municipal issues. And sometimes, they agree. When they don’t, there’s usually lively debate that not only plays out on the dais, on their own podcast, and here on The BrandBuilders Podcast with The Dunstan Group.

Brand Builders – Wes Slocum – Pink to Drink

Nothing will change your life like having a baby. From the minute you see and hold your child, you know you love it more than anything you’ve loved or known in your life, and you will protect it and nurture it at all costs.

But imagine getting the worst diagnosis ever — that your child has cancer. Imagine fighting it with everything you have, but even modern medicine and everyone’s effort is not enough. Our guest Wes Slocum lived that, and has helped flip that script to help other families fight on — and provide research for better outcomes. One of THE biggest fundraisers for the 24 Foundation is called Pink to Drink or as we like to say, “a good time for a great cause.” Here’s Wes Slocum on the BrandBuilders Podcast!

BrandBuilders – Open Streets 704

Open Streets 704 powered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is the fastest-growing, family-friendly event in Charlotte. It’s a day of car-free, or care-free, streets with games, activities, and an opportunity to connect with purpose. For four hours on a Sunday afternoon, people can walk, dance, play, ride bikes, and basically do anything but drive — along the city streets.

Here on the BrandBuilders Podcast are two people who talk the talk, AND walk the walk about Open Streets 704. Welcome John Short and Melissa Brokaw!

BrandBuilders – Brian Formato – LeaderSurf

If the phrase “corporate training” doesn’t get you excited, how about beaches, tropics, and surfing? Brian Formato moved his training skills from Charlotte to the beach for a new form of leadership training — one that takes students out of their buttoned-up surroundings to an unfamiliar place. He joins the Brandbuilders Podcast to tell us all about learning to lead through surfing and service at “LeaderSurf.”

BrandBuilders – Mick Marlier – SeedSpark

Every one of us relies on technology in our lives, whether it’s our phones that keep us connected through texts and social media, or online shopping, or banking. But how would you get along without any of it? Or worse, could your business keep running in the case of a cyber attack? Mick Marlier of SeedSpark explains what it takes to get the most out of technology in your business — and how to protect it — on this episode of the BrandBuilders Podcast.

Brand Builders – Andrew Dunn – Longleaf Politics

If you follow political or education reporting in the Charlotte area, you’ve probably read Andrew Dunn’s stories in The Charlotte Observer or Charlotte Agenda. Now he’s offering a weekly newsletter that digs deeper into how and why laws are made — with context that makes the stories easy to understand. He’s our guest on the Brandbuilders Podcast to talk about how you can follow news and politics in a way that matters to you, in the land of Longleaf Politics.