121: Reed Gaskin – Red Dynamics

For the longest time in North Carolina, as our state tried to get past its textile-and-tobacco economies… we would think of Research Triangle Park as being the hub for technology, and Charlotte as being all about banks. Well, let’s set those ideas on their ear for a moment with “FinTech.” Who’s going to dominate that? And where will you find the people for it? Look out Raleigh, here comes Charlotte.

Forbes, last year, called Charlotte “the best Metro for growth in STEM jobs.” Complia called us “#1 Tech Town.” Red Ventures, Microsoft, AvidX, and even home-grown Lowe’s have tech homes here. So if you want to be That City for young tech workers in banking and manufacturing, you have to know how to find them — and we have an expert here on BrandBuiders Podcast to tell you. Reed Gaskin joins us on the BrandBuilders podcast. He’s President of Red Dynamics, a headhunting firm for technology and manufacturing with a sharp Carolina focus.