Brandon Lindsey – Dream on 3

Dream On 3 came from what founder Brandon Lindsey calls “a Jerry McGuire moment” in November of 2012. The non-profit provides up-close, personal sports experiences for children and young adults with life-altering conditions, and the group’s portfolio is full of pictures of smiling children who have had their “dream experiences” — and many who are still waiting. Joining us on the BrandBuilders Podcast is Brandon Lindsey.

Tammy & John Martin – YBLA

Stereotypes aren’t good for anybody, and usually the best way 
to dispel them is to start a conversation… and present something different.

Our guests on the BrandBuilders Podcast didn’t like the way young African-American men were being portrayed in popular media, and set out to present — even create — a different picture. That’s how Tammy and John Martin started the Young Black Leadership Alliance, and it’s making a difference.

George Sistrunk & Allen West – Town Brewing

So… 4 lawyers walk into a bar….

Okay, no… it’s not a joke — but these 4 lawyers and avid home brewers had an idea to open a brewery in a part of Charlotte that HASN’T been part of the brewery boom … so far.

Town Brewing is the first brewery to open its doors in FreeMore West — the historic west Charlotte Neighborhood where West Morehead Street and Freedom Drive meet. We welcome George Sistrunk and Allen West to the BrandBuilders podcast to give us a “taste” of their new taproom.

David Hale – ESPN

With college football heading into playoff season, what do you do? Give ’em Hale! We mean David Hale of course, ESPN’s guru of college football, especially around the ACC.

David is based in Charlotte, and joins us today on the BrandBuilders podcast. What a treat! Thanks for being here.

Brad Smith – Hickory Tavern

The award-winning Hickory Tavern has 27 locations in four states. And it all started 22 years ago with a couple of guys who just wanted a place to watch a game while eating great food and drinking a couple of beers. Co-founder and CEO Brad Smith joins us on the BrandBuilders Podcast for more on the brand’s backstory, what’s made the Hickory Tavern so successful, and the science behind “craveology.”

Adam Burke & Linda Reynolds – Children’s Theatre of Charlotte

Started in 1948 by the Junior League… and now in one of uptown’s hottest properties, Imaginon… the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte is a group that gives back to our community again and again. It not only puts on great shows, but offers opportunities to children and teens to learn about and take part in the great world of stage. Adam Burke is the Artistic Director, and Linda Reynolds is the Managing Director. They’ve taken time from their holiday programming to be our guests on the BrandBuilders Podcast.

Michael Trivette – College Transitions

Michael Trivette helps parents navigate the long, complex, and often-confusing world of college choice and admissions. He’s an App State grad, and holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education from the University of Georgia. He’s part of the team at College Transitions, a company that helps parents and high schoolers with one of the most important choices they’ll ever make. He’s our guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast!

Haley Bohon – SkillPop

All of us wish we knew how to do “cool stuff” — like create a piece of art, homemade wreaths… or digital marketing with social media. But who has time for 8 weeks of classes? Not us. But we CAN set aside two or three hours for an introduction that gets us going, and that’s where SkillPop comes in.

The wildly popular classes are perfect for busy professionals or parents who have young families — because they teach a cool skill in just a couple of hours. Our guest on BrandBuilders is the woman behind this incredible concept, which has grown so quickly in 3 years that it’s now offered in 5 cities…  and the list of offerings is growing too. Welcome Haley Bohon, founder and CEO of SkillPop.