190: Camp LUCK

“Heart kids” are a special group — kids born with heart defects who just want to do the same fun things other kids do, like going to camp. Often, that’s not possible because of medical limitations — but in Charlotte, they’re in “LUCK.” In this case, LUCK stands for Lucky Unlimited Cardiac Kids, who have the opportunity to attend a one-week camp just for them, called Camp LUCK. The camp is a free, medically supervised, sleepover camp where “heart kids” can do traditional camp things like swimming, games, archery, canoeing, and campfires .. while building friendships and self-esteem with other kids like them.

It’s a great time, and always free — which means they have to raise money all year to make it happen. Our guests on the BrandBuilders Podcast today are here to tell us about one of their biggest events, that’s a fun scenic tour of your favorite bike routes. Welcome Kim Jackson and Bryon Mulligan — both parents of heart kids — to talk about Bike LUCK.

189: Rachel Martin – Mindful & Good

Branding and design are important elements in getting your message across as a business, but are you doing that in a sustainable way? Our guest today on the BrandBuilders Podcast can perform the soup-to-nuts of your branding, packaging, and print in a socially conscious way. After all, why not leave the world a little better than you found it?

Rachel Martin is the founder and design director at Mindful & Good — Sustainable Design that Ignites Positive Change. Wow – we want to hear more about what this is.

188: Jack Ossa – Ossa Studio

Returning to the office should feel like working from home — except maybe cleaner and less noisy. In other words, your workplace should feel comfortable, approachable, and productive. It should reflect the company brand, your professional values, and how you feel about the work you do.

That’s a tall order for a designer or architect, but also a mission for today’s guest on the BrandBuilder Podcast. Jack Ossa is the founder of Ossa Studio, an architecture and design firm in Charlotte, that cares as much about you, your style, and your branding as he does about the buildings he designs.

187: David Shaffer – Imperial

Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast wears a lot of hats. We mean that literally — David Shaffer started as a Junior Golfer in the American Junior Golf Association, then became a collegiate golfer at Northwestern University. From there, he joined the business world … using his talents and love of his sport to sell apparel used in the game.

Now, literally — as we said — he ‘wears a lot of hats’ as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Imperial, the premier company for golf hats in the U.S. The company is more than 100 years old and if you’ve been to a golf pro shop, you’ve probably seen them there. And you’re going to see them in more than golf, too — and David joins us now to tell us all about it!

186: Erin McDermott – Erin McDermott Jewelry

These days of staying home A LOT have led a lot of us to feel — well, less put-together on a daily basis than we used to. But ladies, I know the desire is still there to dress up with just the right touch of casual-yet-elegant. Your jewelry is one way to make that happen, amiright?

Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast knows how you feel. Erin McDermott designs and creates beautiful handmade pieces to make your outfit — casual or business — feel complete.

185: Amber Brown – Alfred Williams

“Office Space” is more than just a movie… it’s a place where we work, or now in a lot of cases, USED to work and would like to someday work again… Soon! COVID has changed our idea of a workspace — both at home and at the office — as companies adapt to keeping people safe.

One company that specializes in great interior spaces has its sight on helping people return to offices safely. Alfred Williams is taking its design know-how to a new level with enhanced social distance design for workspace and collaborative-space office designs. Amber Brown is regional president for Alfred Williams and is bringing her insights to the BrandBuilders Podcast today.

184: Erin Santos – ISF

We’re checking in today with one of our favorite charities in Charlotte… dedicated to finding a cure for pediatric cancers, and helping families along the way. The Isabella Santos Foundation has already raised and invested more than $4 million dollars in pediatric cancer research locally and nationwide and has spent another half-million dollars supporting families whose children are fighting that difficult fight.

They have an important milestone coming up on March 9th… the 16th birthday of their founder-in-spirit, Isabella Santos. Our community has a chance this month to keep her fight going — to beat cancer for other kids — with ISF’s Star Light, Star Bright memorial. Isabella’s mom and valiant cancer warrior Erin Santos is joining us now on the BrandBuilders Podcast to tell us how we can take part.

183: Trey Ennis – Hire Me Healthcare

We don’t have to explain the need for Healthcare Heroes right now. Doctors, nurses, PA’s, and other frontline healthcare workers have been running full speed since the COVID pandemic first surfaced here in March. The need is great.

Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast was way ahead of this game before 2020. In 2017, Trey Ennis created a website and app, called HireMe Healthcare, to connect nurses with jobs they were looking for. It’s not an employment service – it’s a way to speed up the process for nurses looking for employment, and healthcare agencies and companies looking to hire nurses. Trey joins us now on the podcast to tell us more about his company – and his past year.

182: Ben Cooley – Bicycle Sport

If there’s a bright spot in business this year at all, it’s that businesses who helped people out in the pandemic were able to thrive. Now, we understand it’s a weird year to talk about success – but if you’re helping people get outdoors to stay healthy and sane in a year like this, more power to you.

Ben Cooley at Bicycle Sport is one of those businesses, as demand for bikes soared during stay-at-home orders. It required some flexibility to stay safe and give his customers what they needed, but Ben and crew did it. Ben is joining us on the BrandBuilders Podcast now to share how.

181: Colin Dougherty – CAMSKNS

Professional cameras all seem to have one thing in common – like cars 100 years ago, they are available in any color you want, as long as it’s BLACK. But most photographers we know are pretty colorful people – people who see the world differently, and have an innate ability to capture the angle through their lenses. So why shouldn’t their camera’s style reflect their personality?

I mean, everyone has a phone case that says a little about who they are, so why not professional photographers? Colin Dougherty thought the same thing and came up with CAMSKNS – colorful, protective cases for your “good” camera (you know, the one that’s NOT in your phone). Colin joins us now on the BrandBuilders Podcast to give us a glimpse through the lens that led him to create his colorful product.