Kenny Smith – New South Properties

You may know the name Kenny Smith in Charlotte — he sat on city council for four years and even ran for mayor against Vi Lyles, who currently sits in that chair. He’s often called on by radio and TV for election commentary, and remains a familiar face and voice on social media. But he also has solid roots in business, as a commercial real estate broker with New South Properties, and joins the BrandBuilders Podcast to share how he knows what’s hot and what’s not in real estate.. and maybe even a question or two about his political future.

Marcey Rader – Work Well. Play More!

Marcey Rader knows that some tasks and habits just suck our time and energy more than others, and she herself had a major transformation in her own life, that made her change the way she did things. Now she’s in the business of helping YOU be more energetic and productive, with her business, Work Well – Play More! She joins us on the BrandBuilders Podcast with these secrets of working well and playing more.

Adrian Hee – NewSouth Event Rentals

Throwing a party sounds like a lot of fun… until you sit down and outline everything you’ll need. The devil is in the details, right?

Our guest on this episode of BrandBuilders Podcast is all about the details — tables, chairs, linens, and tents — that pull together the perfect party. Adrian Hee of NewSouth Event Rentals has got you covered, and also has a place for you to sit and eat. Listen to how he gets it all done, and in an environmentally-responsible way, too.

Martin Michaelson & Katie Edwards – Fight Back Performance

Martin Michaelson and Katie Edwards have a passion for helping people. By the very nature of their professions, they are healers. Their integrated approach and expertise in physical therapy, personal training, and nutrition is netting incredible results for their clients. But they’ve taken the calling one step further. Fight Back Performance and Recovery Center focuses on the health and healing of those enduring cancer treatment. They share their story on this edition of the award-winning BrandBuilders Podcast.


It’s spring, and we all want to enjoy the warm weather and a cold drink, too. But let’s face it — we don’t all want to carry a heavy cooler full of ice everywhere we go. That gave 5 Clemson students drinking warm beer before a football game, an idea. On this BrandBuilders Podcast, the guys from Kanga explain their journey from class project to Kickstarter to campaign to an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank with their invention — simply designed to find an easy and affordable way to keep your beer cold.

Brian Lafontaine

It takes thousands of people to make a movie.. and literally HUNDREDS of actors. But not everyone who appears on screen is a name you’d recognize unless they lived next door to you. Our next guest on BrandBuilders Podcast is one of those guys. Brian LaFontaine tells us how he’s made a career out of being an actor whose name you don’t know, but whose work you have probably seen.

Quinton Gibson

When someone as famous as Darius Rucker — from Hootie and the Blowfish — decides to change gears and become a solo act, he’s going to build a team of musicians he can believe in. One of those musicians, guitarist Quinton Gibson, is from the Carolinas, just like Rucker. On this BrandBuilders Podcast, we hear about life on the road with one of the 90’s coolest cats, and what he’s doing in his life at home here in Charlotte, too.

Will Mullinix – Lawn & Mullinix Mortgage

A home purchase is one of the biggest expenses you’ll ever have in your life — second, maybe to your college education or your kids. But it also can build equity, so it’s important to make a good investment. Where do you start? Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast has some answers. Will Mullinix of Lawn & Mullinix Mortgage shares his insights about how to plan for that big step into home ownership.

Ben Wilhelm – Unscripted

One-size-fits-all rarely fits more than a few people, whether it’s clothes, athletic training, or leadership coaching. Ben Wilhelm uses that philosophy of working with individual strengths as managing partner of Unscripted, his executive consulting company, Ben shares with the BrandBuilders Podcast his tailored approach to getting employees motivated for the team.

Eric Kuester – Pinehurst

Spring is in the air — along with the pollen— but that still has us ready to get outdoors after so much cold & rainy winter weather. It’s hard to argue that North Carolina golf courses aren’t some of this season’s favorite destinations. And anyone who loves golf knows one of the best, and “most storied,” courses in the world is right here in North Carolina at Pinehurst. Eric Kuester of Pinehurst Resort and Country Club tees it up with the BrandBuilders Podcast and the coming season.