231: Cyril Prabhu – Proverbs 226

Right now we are all filled with the spirit of the season, or as a lot of people like to say, “The Reason for the Season.” But the reason goes beyond the season, and our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast is living that every day with his nonprofit for children with incarcerated parents.

Cyril Prabhu started Proverbs 22:6 because he saw that prison was breaking families – not just breaking them up, but breaking them. And that children of incarcerated parents had a more than 80% chance of someday being incarcerated themselves. And that the way to break that cycle was through reconciliation of parent and child – and that’s what he set out to do. His own story is incredible, too – and we’re excited that he’s joining us to tell us all about who he is and what he does.

230: JD Harris – Glory Days Apparel

Remember the good ol’ days? Yeah, we all do. Maybe you’re living them now! And maybe you have some great memories from your high school or college days that you love keeping around. For more than a few of us, there’s that T-shirt that brings back the good times, and we don’t hate feeling that vibe again.

That’s the idea behind Glory Days Apparel – streetwear that feels good and makes us feel like we’re living the glory days, even if those days are right now. JD Harris is the guy who made his favorite high school T-shirt into an entire business with a shop in South End, and this stuff is pretty cool. He’s joining us now on the BrandBuilders podcast to tell us how he took his communications degree- to a career in finance- to his own business with a distinctly Charlotte feel.

229: Kelly Venable & Laura Stephens – Your Hiring Coaches

What are your methods for finding the best employees for your company? Recruiting services? Job postings? A Hail Mary pass to the end zone that you hope gives you a game-winning touchdown employee? Say it with me, ‘There must be a better way.’

Kelly Venable knows that too. As Founder and President of “Your Hiring Coaches,” she likes to “Put Aces in their Places” – as she likes to say. Why take chances on your next hire when data can point you in the right direction, to fill in gaps on your staff and create the energy and culture you want in your office? Sounds like a great idea, and Kelly and her Director of Recruiting Laura Stephens join us today on the BrandBuilders Podcast to tell us how they do it.

228: Molly Ruggere – Counter Culture Club

Staying sober during the holidays can be hard. Everywhere you go, there are parties and cocktails… and more parties. What can you do?

Our next guest is not a recovering alcoholic but just decided to stop drinking and pursue life sober. Molly Ruggere is a certified life coach and alcohol freedom coach who leads a club for people who want to be active and do fun things that don’t include alcohol. Simple, right? She’s joining us on the BrandBuilders Podcast just in time for New Years, to give us ideas on how to have fun that doesn’t require drinking.

227: William Wilson – William Wilson Clothing

If you feel good, you want to look good too. Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast will have you looking good in your suit, but only if you’re accepted off his waiting list.

William Wilson makes custom men’s suits and clothing, and not everyone can have one. But the man is as unique and diverse as the suits themselves – an 8-year Navy veteran, who became the first African American man to win a NASCAR race, who became a successful customer builder, who became an upscale clothier and sought-after motivational speaker. WOW. That’s quite a resume, and we’re honored he’s spending a few minutes with us today.

226: Matt Sharp – Running Works

If you’re a runner, you know running can save lives. There are a number of running nonprofits for kids in the Charlotte area, and even more running clubs and groups to get you up out of your chair and into a healthy, active lifestyle. But one running nonprofit will inspire you beyond just a smile – it will make you want to get up and help!

That nonprofit is RunningWorks – a program designed to promote healthy lifestyles for our neighbors experiencing homelessness and poverty. It not only fosters relationships through running, but helps connect its team members with community resources in healthcare, jobs, and housing… to name a few. Their Chief Operating Officer Matt Sharp is here with us today on the BrandBuilders Podcast to bring us up to date on new programming since the group worked through the difficult times of COVID.

225: Karen Yoder & – Catalyst Construction

It’s no secret that Charlotte is in a building boom. Everywhere you look, there are cranes and construction companies busy at work. They’re as varied as letters of the alphabet, too, so how do you choose one that fits your own project? Gary Olnowich and Karen Yoder are here on the BrandBuilders Podcast to give us some insight, and about how they grew their company to become established so quickly in Charlotte’s construction scene.

Catalyst Construction launched in 2018, but Gary’s experience goes all the way back to 1983 — and he says his major influence was not even in the industry! His wife Karen brings a perspective about details, that makes Catalyst a complete package. We love the teamwork — so welcome Gary and Karen!

224: Elizabeth & Brandon Lindsey – Dream on 3

Nothing touches our hearts more than a child with special needs. Sometimes it’s a terminal disease like cancer, or a physical disability, or even a lifelong chronic condition created by a birth defect. We often find ourselves opening our hearts to them through various charities like Make A Wish, Special Olympics, or a local group, started right here in Charlotte, that arranges Sports-themed wishes — called Dream On 3.

Dream On 3 arranges VIP experiences for their “Dream Kids” with favorite sports teams or athletes, or an activity like snow skiing, that would otherwise be out of reach. It takes a lot of work, and a lot of fundraising, and the help of “Dream Teams,” to make it happen. But it was an idea that founder Brandon Lindsay couldn’t push aside, and almost 10 years later, with wife Liz working side-by-side, it’s a reality. We’re happy to welcome them both to the BrandBuilders Podcast! Thanks for being here!

223: Ken Bernardo – Charlotte Bourbon Society

When your love of bourbon goes beyond just needing a good, stiff drink — to wanting a smooth taste and a history lesson — Charlotte Bourbon Society is the place to go. Ken Bernardo, a banker by trade, and his wife Tracey love a good bourbon — but they go beyond just taste-testing bottled drinks into a full-fledged discovery of flavors and where to find them.

The Charlotte Bourbon Society started 4 years ago as a way to raise money for a cause near and dear to Ken, and has grown to more than 2,300 members. He’s here with us on the BrandBuilders Podcast to share his story, and details about how you can join him.

222: Matt Stavis – Powerhome Solar

We all want to be at least a little bit greener. And you’ve probably seen solar panels popping up on homes and businesses in your neighborhood. Is it right for you? And how does solar even work with Charlotte’s tree-lined streets?

Our next guest is here to help. Matt Stavis is director of utility, commercial, and industrial solutions for Powerhome Solar – and he knows a thing or two about residential solar. And when he’s not busy with solar solutions, he’s probably watching his kids play soccer – we have a lot to talk about!