266: Sara Ondrako

Dogs are man’s best friend. They live with us, sleep with us, eat with us, work out with us, and if you get a dog today you’ll be shocked how fast they become part of the family. It’s as though they have a sixth sense that helps them get in our heads. But what if we could get into their heads for a day?

Well with our next guest, getting into the mind of your dog might be more than just science fiction. Today we are joined by Sara Ondrako, a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant with over 20 years of experience working with dogs and educating their owners. Fear, anxiety, aggression, and disobedience from your dog will become a thing of the past once Sara helps you understand why your pet is doing what they are doing. It really is, like getting into your pet’s head.

265: Laura Self – Sweetie

“Sweetie was a typical child until she became sick and didn’t know why. After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Sweetie learns how to manage the disease while continuing to enjoy all the things she has always loved. Sweetie’s friends and family learn to help her not just survive but thrive within her new circumstance. Sweetie does not let type 1 diabetes hold her back from living a full and wonderful life!”

Joining us today is the author of Sweetie, Laura Self. Her fiction lets readers see the life of a child dealing with diabetes. It brings a great perspective for everyone to see that life won’t end when the challenge seems too difficult to handle; especially for a child. Instead, this challenge allowed this one little girl to see the good in everything and not hold herself back from enjoying the best things that life has yet to offer her.

264: Brandon Grant – Re-Cyclery

Do you remember riding bikes as a kid? The wind in your hair, maybe your mom or dad yelling behind you to “slow down”? Riding a bike may have been your first real taste of freedom as a child and it probably felt amazing, like you could keep riding to edge of the world.

Some of you listening are probably thinking, “What do they mean, ‘as a kid?’ I still feel like that a few times a week when I get out there on the road!” We can probably all agree that be exposed to biking at a young age is not only fun, and a practical means of transportation but could be transformative for your life.

This week our podcast guests could not agree more! We are joined today by Brandon Grant from Trips for Kids Charlotte and the Charlotte Re-Cyclery.


263: Brock Long – Hagerty Consulting

We try to plan for everything. Even those of us that don’t like to plan for things still have a vague plan of how things in their day, week, or even life might unfold. These plans make us feel safe and give us the ability to respond quickly to different things that might happen even if they fall just outside the plan. For parents that might mean taking time off from work to be with a sick child or for a business owner it might mean shifting work schedules for an employee that calls in sick.

Most of us are pretty good at handling those small scale improvisations, but what happens when we are confronted by something completely out of the plan. What do you do if a tornado rips up the community, or a hurricane floods everything for 50mi? Today on the podcast we have one of the few people that actually has the answer. Brock Long is joining us today from Hagerty Consulting, a firm that, “Spends all of their time helping communities on their worst day.”


262: Smith Christenbury – Core Purpose PT

As office workers, athletes, and really just people in the world we all probably know a thing or two about aches and pains. It seems that as we get older a little pain here and there is to be expected. It just happens! The real problem comes in though when our healthcare provider can’t explain why we are in pain. Pain without a reason is suffering and unfortunately this disproportionately affects women for a variety of reasons.

However, pain should not dictate what you can do! That is one of the core beliefs at Core Purpose Physical Therapy. Smith Christenbury is here with us today to tell us about her work and how she is helping women get the answers and care they need to live a lifestyle that isn’t dictated by discomfort and pain.


261: Morrison Millwork

When you look at a new house it is easy to get caught up in the square footage and whether or not the kitchen has an island. But what about the windows and doors? You might not notice them right away, but if they weren’t there we’d bet a pretty penny you’d have a few words with the builder!

Today we are joined by Issie Knapp, Ben Collins, and Ryan Lavelle at Morrison Millwork. At Morrison their goal is to create windows and doors that accent new home builds so well, that they’ll be the first thing you notice!


260: Annie Franceschi

We’ve all had that million dollar idea. The one that kept us up nights because it just made too much sense, and we needed to figure out how to make it happen. That idea that you daydream about and put hours, days, maybe even years into bringing to life. All that work only to realize that you are the only one that knows about your world changing product or service. Ah shoot!

Getting the word out can be one of the hardest parts of any entrepreneurial journey and if marketing yourself is beginning to take up all your time you may be wondering if you are utilizing your limited time wisely. Why is telling the story so hard? Annie Franceschi, today’s guest on the Brand Builders Podcast was thinking the same thing and that’s why she founded Greatest Story Creative!


259: Kurt Ehlers – LG

Can you imagine rolling around town in your car, or spending time with your family in the house this summer? It sounds pretty nice. Now imagine those same scenarios with no air conditioning. Is it getting warm in here?

This summer has been pretty hot, and since we know things won’t be cooling down anytime soon a good air conditioning system is a must! Whether it is for your business, your car, or your home, cool air is essential and at the same time we barely think about it. For most of us air conditioning is something we only think about when it isn’t working, but our next guest is a little more interested in A/C than the average Joe. Today we are joined by Kurt Ehlers from LG Air Conditioning Technologies!


258: Sam Diminich – Your Farms Your Table

When we think about food there are those that eat to live and then we have those that live to eat. People that would fly around the world to try a dish or stay up all night to get reservations at the newest restaurant in town. But who makes all of this amazing food that we can’t get enough of? The Chef of course. Their culinary prowess always keeps us coming back for more!

Today we are joined by one of the best chefs that is calling Charlotte home! We are joined by Sam Diminich. You may have heard the name before and today we are going to learn about some of the things this world class chef has going on!


257: Julie Drinkhahn – Goodwill Industries

When you think of Goodwill, what comes to mind? Maybe that basket of clothes that you’ve been wanting to donate for the past year? The place you find the best thrifting treasures? Well yes Goodwill is great for finding new and gently used clothes a new home, but they do so much more! The original goal was to provide the resources and opportunities for people looking for work to find jobs, but it has expanded even beyond that.

Are you wondering what they do now? How you can help? It’s your lucky day because the next guest on the Brand Builders Podcast is Julie Drinkhahn from Goodwill Industries of Southern Piedmont. She’s here to answer all the questions you’ve had about their new mission and how they turn our clothes into opportunities for our community.