Roger Moore – Loan Pronto

Are you buying a house? Are you looking forward to the mortgage process? Paperwork, financial review, lots of questions? Would you rather have your wisdom teeth pulled again? A lot of people feel that way… Roger Moore is a veteran loan officer who believed technology could make everything easier, and possibly… as paperless as possible. His company, Loan Pronto, is one of those on the leading edge of digital mortgages, and it is headquartered right here in Charlotte. 

Blair Primis & Amanda Fowler – OrthoCarolina

The team at OrthoCarolina is putting on a clinic, if you will, on how to market a medical practice. No kidding! Who knew fixing bones and joints could be such an edgy, attention-getting business? You’ve probably seen or heard them and their work with sports teams, pro athletes, and their presence all over town. Blair Primis and Amanda Fowler are two of the minds behind OrthoCarolina’s marketing, and they’re our guests on the award-winning BrandBuilders Podcast. 

Michelle Buelow – Bella Tunno

When we think of companies donating some of their proceeds to charity, it’s usually product first, then charity donation, right? Not at Bella Tunno. Now Bella Tunno has been around 14 years and are the go-to products for new moms who need cute, stylish silicone bibs, plates, and teethers that are safe and solid — while giving back. Michelle Buelow is the founder of Bella Tunno, and joins us now on the BrandBuilders Podcast. 

Spencer Lueders & Katy Ryan – 24 Foundation

The Dunstan Group has been lucky enough to work with an inspiring list of not-for-profit organizations. We’ve featured some of their stories right here. What we’ve learned by listening, is that many of these stories begin with one person’s desire to make a difference. That’s just part of the story Spencer Lueders & Katy Ryan shared about the 24 Foundation and how 24 Hours of Booty came to be. They’re our guests on this special edition of the award-winning BrandBuilders Podcast.

Garrett Tichy – Hygge

And how many successful corporations have we heard about that started in a garage or basement? Entrepreneurship is the hardest game there is. To have an idea, put it in place, start a company, sell it, make money…. you get it.

One new trend that’s helped launch many an entrepreneur or startup is co-working… or, renting a bit of office space with some other folks who only need a bit of office space. One of the most popular co-working companies in Charlotte is Hygge. The man behind the easy workspace joins us for our 100th episode of the award-winning BrandBuilders Podcast. Welcome Garrett Tichy!

Sarah Baucom & Carrie Barker – Girl Tribe

If you live in Charlotte, you’ve probably heard about the Girl Tribe. In four years, best friends Carrie Barker and Sarah Baucom have made a name for the Girl Tribe brand, opened a store, added an online shopping site, and even expanded their concept to five other cities around the South. And they join us on the BrandBuilders Podcast to tell us how it all got started.

Frank Scibelli – FS Food Group

Are you hungry? You will be after this edition of the BrandBuilders Podcast. And no matter what you’re craving for Italian food, barbeque, tacos, or some light middle-eastern fare… we’ve got you covered.
Our guest is Frank Scibelli of FS Food Group. He’s the businessman who started Mama Ricotta’s over 25 years ago, and kept building on his success with places like Midwood Smokehouse, Paco’s Tacos, and Yafo Kitchen. Make some reservations, then listen in on our conversation with Frank Scibelli!

Robbie Bach – XBachs

Do you play video games? We’re sure Robbie Bach played a lot of XBox as he was overseeing the development of the wildly-successful video game console for Microsoft, as its President and CXO. But now the Carolina grad is turning his expertise and creativity to business and civic issues. He’s our guest on this episode of the BrandBuilders Podcast.

Erin Diehl – Improve It

Maybe you wish you had more comedy in your workplace, or just an easier way to talk to your co-workers about projects. Erin Diehl of Improve It! is part professional comedian, part corporate trainer — and combines those skills to bring people together for a better day at the office. She joins the BrandBuilders Podcast for a unique play on office culture.

Kenny Smith – New South Properties

You may know the name Kenny Smith in Charlotte — he sat on city council for four years and even ran for mayor against Vi Lyles, who currently sits in that chair. He’s often called on by radio and TV for election commentary, and remains a familiar face and voice on social media. But he also has solid roots in business, as a commercial real estate broker with New South Properties, and joins the BrandBuilders Podcast to share how he knows what’s hot and what’s not in real estate.. and maybe even a question or two about his political future.