159: Frank Schwartz – F3

Getting up early to work out can be a real bummer. How many times have we felt alone in the dark, unmotivated by our isolation — even in a gym? Probably too many times to count — and, I’m going to say this cautiously — especially if you’re a guy. We guys tend to be singular and focused on doing our workouts in our own bubble, am I right? We’re just not social or prone to leaning on each other in a lot of cases when it comes to working out.

Well, F3 is a workout group formed in Charlotte in 2011, and going strong across the nation 9 years later. It’s about Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith — and let’s add that 4th F — always Free. Frank Schwartz is the President of F3 and he’s bringing all of his positive energy to the BrandBuilders Podcast today to get us fired up to get in shape!