190: Camp LUCK

“Heart kids” are a special group — kids born with heart defects who just want to do the same fun things other kids do, like going to camp. Often, that’s not possible because of medical limitations — but in Charlotte, they’re in “LUCK.” In this case, LUCK stands for Lucky Unlimited Cardiac Kids, who have the opportunity to attend a one-week camp just for them, called Camp LUCK. The camp is a free, medically supervised, sleepover camp where “heart kids” can do traditional camp things like swimming, games, archery, canoeing, and campfires .. while building friendships and self-esteem with other kids like them.

It’s a great time, and always free — which means they have to raise money all year to make it happen. Our guests on the BrandBuilders Podcast today are here to tell us about one of their biggest events, that’s a fun scenic tour of your favorite bike routes. Welcome Kim Jackson and Bryon Mulligan — both parents of heart kids — to talk about Bike LUCK.