206: Juliet Kuehnle – Sun Counseling & Wellness

It’s not breaking news that this year — with all of its stay-at-home, work-from-home, kids-at-home-learning time — has been tough on our mental health. Right now while the days are hot and the sun is shining — and vaccinations are up — we’re starting to go out again and breathe a little easier.

But while fresh air and sunshine can do a lot for our mood right now, sometimes we need something more to help us. Juliet Kuehnle is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and owner at Sun Counseling and Wellness, whose practice also offers nutritional and integrative services for a whole mind, body, and spirit wellness package. She joins the BrandBuilders Podcast today to share some basics of mental health, and also how SHE kept up her own health after opening a new practice during a worldwide pandemic.