211: Mac Lackey – ExitDNA

There are a thousand internet gurus out there who can tell you how to start a business, and many more who preach the sermon of being your own boss as an entrepreneur. But how many of them can tell you how to grow your business while still enjoying life, and EXIT your business successfully — as in, sell it for a lot of money and enjoy life a little more?

Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast is in the business of doing just that, and he’s done it half a dozen times already himself. Mac Lackey is a Charlotte kid who, by his own admission, made mediocre grades in high school at East Meck and got kicked out of his D1 college, where he was on a soccer scholarship. Gosh, where does a guy go from there? Well if you’re Mac Lackey, you get your act together, become an All-American at a second school, make straight A’s, play pro soccer, and then start building and selling companies for 7 or 8 figures apiece. Wow. And he’s here on our BrandBuilders Podcast to tell us how to do that with our company…. Wait, no… not yet, anyway!