219: Megan Erber & Annie Schmidt – NAMI Sleep in 4 Good

We’d all like to sleep in once in a while — it’s a great way to “rest up” when your mind or body is exhausted, and it’s something we just don’t do enough (ask any parent of young kids!) Adequate sleep is also important for mental health! How many of us get grouchy or short-tempered when we don’t get enough sleep? That’s most of us. And sleep really goes beyond just daily temperament when it comes to your mental health, too.

So if you throw a fundraiser to benefit the National Association on Mental Illness, or NAMI, but some at the table would rather sleep-in than run…. An idea is born. That’s where the “Sleep in 4 Good” woke up and joined the party. Megan Erber from “Promo Cares” and Annie Schmidt from NAMI of Wake County are here on the BrandBuilders Podcast to talk about mental health and how we can sleep in –on purpose– to benefit NAMI.