224: Elizabeth & Brandon Lindsey – Dream on 3

Nothing touches our hearts more than a child with special needs. Sometimes it’s a terminal disease like cancer, or a physical disability, or even a lifelong chronic condition created by a birth defect. We often find ourselves opening our hearts to them through various charities like Make A Wish, Special Olympics, or a local group, started right here in Charlotte, that arranges Sports-themed wishes — called Dream On 3.

Dream On 3 arranges VIP experiences for their “Dream Kids” with favorite sports teams or athletes, or an activity like snow skiing, that would otherwise be out of reach. It takes a lot of work, and a lot of fundraising, and the help of “Dream Teams,” to make it happen. But it was an idea that founder Brandon Lindsay couldn’t push aside, and almost 10 years later, with wife Liz working side-by-side, it’s a reality. We’re happy to welcome them both to the BrandBuilders Podcast! Thanks for being here!