243: Lauren & Howie Lang – Lang Construction

So you have a renovation! Where do you start? Maybe it’s just a kitchen counter for your home or 100 kitchen counters for an apartment complex. You need someone who can do a lot of work or just a little – and we know some folks who can do that. For the last few years, while everyone was in a lockdown renovation frenzy, there was a company already at work making great transformations a reality. But they ran into a problem – how do they find the products and people they need for so many large jobs?

Just like necessity is the mother of invention, it’s also the father of entrepreneurship. So who better to be “mom and dad” to a construction – renovation – and stone & tile business than a couple like our next guests on the BrandBuilders Podcast? They’re Howie and Lauren Lang, owners of Lang Construction and also, now, Gorilla Stone.