246: Kimmery Martin – Author

Writing is a gift. It shares what you know, or, even better, what you’ve just made up but sounds really convincing because – you’re a good writer. It’s a form of communication that can either draw you in to stay up late, or put you to sleep. And let’s face it – social media would not have taken off the way it did if not for clever quips to convey thoughts in 280 characters or less, or with just the right pictures, because of writing.

And we tell you this not just to praise people who write great stuff for us but because our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast is an accomplished author who has 3 novels and about a billion book reviews to her credit. Okay maybe we exaggerated that part – but before she published her first novel, she also went to medical school and became a doctor and also the mother of 3 children, and volunteers with a number of nonprofit boards. So we’re REALLY glad Kimmery Martin took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to US!