263: Brock Long – Hagerty Consulting

We try to plan for everything. Even those of us that don’t like to plan for things still have a vague plan of how things in their day, week, or even life might unfold. These plans make us feel safe and give us the ability to respond quickly to different things that might happen even if they fall just outside the plan. For parents that might mean taking time off from work to be with a sick child or for a business owner it might mean shifting work schedules for an employee that calls in sick.

Most of us are pretty good at handling those small scale improvisations, but what happens when we are confronted by something completely out of the plan. What do you do if a tornado rips up the community, or a hurricane floods everything for 50mi? Today on the podcast we have one of the few people that actually has the answer. Brock Long is joining us today from Hagerty Consulting, a firm that, “Spends all of their time helping communities on their worst day.”