301: Tiffany Mielnik Parrish – Selenite Beauty

Tiffany Mielnik Parrish had a history of pain, illness, misdiagnosis, and frustration with no answers for the chronic pain and illness she had experienced since childhood. The pain persisted through her adult life as a professional, and into her role as a mother.

Rather than wait any longer for answers, she decided to create her own solution – and one that’s helping others, too. So she founded Selenite Beauty and the Spa at Selenite with the intention of its namesake, the mineral Selenite.

In the company’s words, “Selenite Beauty is more than just a place to shop for products. It’s more than a spa destination. It’s a haven where stories can be shared, it’s a place to be kind to yourself and to be kind to others, and it’s a destination with experts in clean beauty where you can gain knowledge without fear or intimidation.”