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253: Gordon Hippe – Smart Financials

When most people or partners start a business, they’ve usually got an incredible idea, product, or service to bring to the marketplace. What they generally don’t have is all the info or the experience to manage the “business” of owning or starting a business.

You know what we mean. The accounting, bookkeeping, taxes and such aren’t the tasks most business owners love to tackle. And it’s precisely how businesses that DO focus on those services provide solutions to companies of all sizes.

Gordon Hippe from Smart Financials Accounting is the kind of guy you want on your team when accounting and taxes and stuff AREN’T the reason you got into business in the first place!


252: Danielle Moore – Loaves & Fishes / Friendship Trays

It was very big news when Food & Wine named Charlotte one of its next great food cities. With new restaurants openings, award-winning chefs, and a world-renowned faculty at Johnson and Wales all getting regular attention… it seems like the options and opportunities are everywhere.

With all that, most of our audience – and probably many folks in Charlotte — aren’t worrying about where their next meal is coming from. But there’s a significant number that does. And thankfully, there are folks working to help them bridge that gap. Danielle Moore is the community outreach director for Loaves and Fishes/Friendship Trays and joins us on this episode of the BrandBuilders podcast.


251: Giordana Andretta – Giordana Cycling

It would be hard to argue that Charlotte isn’t a bike town. From the world-famous Myers Park Booty Loop, Orr Road, miles of greenways, and successful charity rides, and great bike shops, to boot.

And, even if you know cycling, you may not know that one of the sports internationally-known brands is right here in Charlotte. The name Giordana is synonymous with top-of-the line cycling clothing and accessories. Seriously, this is great stuff.


250: Todd Huber & James Yoder – Night Swim Coffee

Arguably, no one loves coffee like our guest host here. BUT, our guests on this episode are real professionals. Let’s set the stage here: two successful Charlotte coffee shop owners decide they’ll try their hand at a JOINT venture in the local coffee space. Enter: Night Swim Coffee.

James Yoder and Todd Huber met up at a coffee convention – how do we get a ticket to THAT show – and hatched this plan that is now four full-service cafés and a roastery. And all of those locations have come online in less than a year.


249: Dr. Grant Lisetor – Greater Life Chiropractic

Most everyone remembers a line or two from that old “Dry Bones” song, right? Or maybe you’re a, “head, shoulders, knees, and toes,” type… Either way, all this stuff we’re made of is connected. And if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of great chiropractic care, you know what we’re talking about.

And like any type of service, not all are created or provide care in the same way. On this episode of the award-winning BrandBuilders podcast, we’ve got Doctor Grant Lisetor from Greater Life Chiropractic.



248: Canaan Cox – Musician

We all dream of hitting it big with what we do – so it’s always a pleasure to meet someone who’s living that dream. Canaan Cox is a musician from right here in North Carolina, who grew up in a musical family and hit his stride after a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck. He’s got a fun mix of musical styles and a few singles already called hits – and he’s joining us right now on the BrandBuilders Podcast so we can learn more about him.


247: Kate Bolkin – Trees Charlotte

Charlotte once earned the designation of “Tree City USA” – but we have lost a significant part of our canopy to development in the last 10 years. The city is working on saving trees as part of its comprehensive plant, but a local organization has been at it for a while. Trees Charlotte is a public/private nonprofit whose mission it is to grow and diversify the city’s tree canopy through education and TONS of planting projects.

And when we say education – we mean it. Not only does Trees Charlotte give away trees, they make sure you know how to take care of them! We’re excited to have their educator here with us today on the BrandBuilders Podcast. Kate Bolkin came to Trees Charlotte all the way from Madison Wisconsin to help keep the Queen City green.


246: Kimmery Martin – Author

Writing is a gift. It shares what you know, or, even better, what you’ve just made up but sounds really convincing because – you’re a good writer. It’s a form of communication that can either draw you in to stay up late, or put you to sleep. And let’s face it – social media would not have taken off the way it did if not for clever quips to convey thoughts in 280 characters or less, or with just the right pictures, because of writing.

And we tell you this not just to praise people who write great stuff for us but because our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast is an accomplished author who has 3 novels and about a billion book reviews to her credit. Okay maybe we exaggerated that part – but before she published her first novel, she also went to medical school and became a doctor and also the mother of 3 children, and volunteers with a number of nonprofit boards. So we’re REALLY glad Kimmery Martin took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to US!


245: Stephanie Perri

Cancer research is a big deal to us here at The Dunstan Group, because of how cancer has touched our lives personally. Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast has also seen the devastation of cancer – she lost her husband, Chris, to Acute Myeloid Leukemia a little over a year ago in January 2021. Since then, Stephanie Perri has made up her mind to fight back, just like her husband Chris did and has put her hat in the running for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year.

Stephanie joins us today with Dr. Josh Zeidner, chief of leukemia research at UNC, and Laura Blanchard, who is a PA in hematology.

Vote for Stephanie here:

244: Sam Fleming – 100 Gardens

When we talk about the environment, we talk a lot about our limited resources and how to preserve them: clean water, clean air, and agriculture for our growing populations. All three conversations eventually come around to this: sustainability. How do we give back resources for the ones we use?

Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast doesn’t have ALL of the answers – but he has some good ones when it comes to sustainable farming. Sam Fleming of 100 Gardens is a hydroponic farmer, who grows two renewable foods that feed each other while they feed us. Yes, you heard that right – the foods feed each other, and also feed people while teaching school children about horticulture, chemistry, agriculture, business, and FISH. Yes, FISH! It’s called hydroponics, or in this case, Aquaponics, and it’s taking place at a handful of local schools including Myers Park, Garringer, West Charlotte, and Oakhurst. And Sam’s with us now on the BrandBuilders Podcast to tell us how it’s done.