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171: Ted Rosenau – Petty Thieves Brewing Co

It’s no secret this has been a tough year for breweries. Along with the rest of the restaurant business, breweries are under strict limits about how many people they can serve indoors. Now imagine you are building out your lifelong dream of opening your brewery when COVID hits – and you have to call an audible. That’s exactly what Petty Thieves Brewing did, and still opened in September just north of uptown off Graham Street. One of their founders joins us on the BrandBuidlers Podcast to give us some insight into how Petty Thieves jumped through hoops to land on opening day. Welcome, Ted Rosenau!

170: Lauren Bremer – Tyler 2

Construction is booming in Charlotte, and there are plenty of companies around to choose from — but only one with a dog in its logo. Tyler 2 Construction has one of the most recognizable logos in town because, frankly, it’s cool to have a dog on your official brand and no one expects that from a construction company. (The Charlotte Observer even did a story about the dog logo!)

Tyler 2 has been around since 1983 and Lauren Bremer is the Business Development Manager there. Yes, there are dogs in the office, and yes, Lauren is posing with her dog in her official company photo, which is also her LinkedIn profile picture. Yes, we have gone to the dogs.. as Lauren joins us now on the BrandBuilders Podcast.

169: Kenny Ramsey – 22 Below

No one likes for their hands to get cold or for their beer to get warm, and Kenny Ramsey has come up with a solution for that. It’s not your normal can koozie though… it’s the culmination of 10 years of thermodynamic technology at work. Kenny is the creator of 22below.. maker of the “subzero” koozie.. which is based in Charlotte and Made in the USA.

168: Ashley Porto – The Creative Group

Whatever your product or service is, you depend on marketing to sell it. We have a thriving marketing talent pool in Charlotte, and The Creative Group is that agency that matches talent to the companies where they can fit in and shine the best.

Ashley Porto is Division Director at The Creative Group – a division of Robert Half agency – and she’s also the incoming president of the Charlotte Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

167: Nik DeBenedetto – LeapPoint

As long as there is business, there will be consultants creating ways to make it faster, more efficient, and more profitable. LeapPoint is a consulting firm for finance, HR, IT, marketing, and government… to name a few. And in 2018, it was named to Forbes’ list of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms — a high honor!

That same year, LeapPoint also acquired JumpSeat, a browser-based training platform that allows a company to build training modules right in the application, instead of in a separate program. That saves time and trains employees more effectively. Joining us today on the BrandBuilders Podcast is theCEO of LeapPoint and Jumpseat, Nicholas DeBenedetto.

166: Jeff Chance – Jeff Chance Custom Homes

There is a lot that goes into building a new home from the ground up, but to build a brand new home that matches the look and feel of an older neighborhood is a real gift that requires some homework. That’s what we’re seeing right now in some older Charlotte neighborhoods like Enderly Park, and that’s where our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast is hard at work.

Jeff Chance is a custom builder, and if you check out some of his work, you won’t know the difference between one of the homes he just built, and some of the Queen City’s historic homes that have been beautifully restored.  They look THAT authentic. We’re going to find out how he does it.

165: Lora Lindquist – Palestra Spa

Right now, a spa day sounds good. Maybe a deep-tissue massage, a body wrap, or a facial? It’s been a while for some folks, because of COVID-19. And if you’re in the spa business, it’s been a tough time… especially if you opened the door on your brand new salon on March 1st!

Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast did just that. Palestra Spa moved into its new location off Providence Road in Cherry with a big Leap Day celebration. Two weeks later, their business was in jeopardy. Palestra’s owner Lora Lindquist joins us now to tell us how she’s getting through it.

164: Abby Aiello & Matt Marvel

BUILT is a networking group for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals who want to get together, share ideas, and do good in the community. Nationally, there are four chapters, including one here in the Carolinas. Each has a special nonprofit it supports, and the national organization has several. They have raised over half a million dollars and contributed more than 100 service hours to philanthropies since 2014. We’re talking about one of those today on the BrandBuilders Podcast – the National Kidney Foundation.

Do you know that one out of every three people is at risk for kidney disease? Abby Ailleo is here from the National Kidney Foundation, and she’s joined by Matt Marvel of BUILT.

163: Brad Borders: Take That Hill

What is your idea of a leisurely bike ride? How about a challenging one? How about 64 miles up a mountain, climbing 10,000 feet in elevation along the way? Do you break out in a sweat just hearing about it? Well, 10 cyclists are going to do it on October 24th in Taylorsville to raise money for Purple Heart Homes. Their reason is pretty special – it’s a unique way to honor veterans with disabilities, and raise money to help them at the same time.

Brad Borders from Purple Heart Homes is joining us now on the BrandBuilders Podcast to tell us more about “Take That Hill” – our legs hurt just thinking about it.

162: Beth Pesakoff – Let’s Talk Travel

Remember that time you were planning a big vacation? A flight, hotel, crowded theme park, and shopping? You know, last March? We know you probably had to cancel it — the Spring Break trip, the Memorial Day weekend, maybe even something you had planned for summer. But you want to get back out there, right?

Beth Pesakoff is here with us on the BrandBuilders Podcast to answer those questions. She’s the owner of Let’s Talk Travel, a travel agency that specializes in Disney, Universal, and Cruises — and she’s going to give us some travel advice, whether you want to dust off your Mouse ears and see Cinderella’s Castle, or go somewhere else.