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301: Tiffany Mielnik Parrish – Selenite Beauty

Tiffany Mielnik Parrish had a history of pain, illness, misdiagnosis, and frustration with no answers for the chronic pain and illness she had experienced since childhood. The pain persisted through her adult life as a professional, and into her role as a mother.

Rather than wait any longer for answers, she decided to create her own solution – and one that’s helping others, too. So she founded Selenite Beauty and the Spa at Selenite with the intention of its namesake, the mineral Selenite.

In the company’s words, “Selenite Beauty is more than just a place to shop for products. It’s more than a spa destination. It’s a haven where stories can be shared, it’s a place to be kind to yourself and to be kind to others, and it’s a destination with experts in clean beauty where you can gain knowledge without fear or intimidation.”

300: Jess Berresse & Garrett Tichy – Seemingly Overzealous Ice Cream

If we all scream for ice cream, then this episode of the BrandBuilders Podcast is going to get pretty loud. We’re talking to a pair of ice cream entrepreneurs who are bringing something new and different – and we’ll bet, pretty delicious – to the frozen treat game here in Charlotte.

Garrett Tichy and Jess Berresse are co-founders of Seemingly Overzealous, a dairy-free dessert location that opens this weekend at Camp North End. We’ve got them both here for the … yes, we have to say it: “the scoop,” on this all-new venture.

299: Nikki D’Errico – Nautical Bowls

With work, school, kids, family, and every other type of distraction in our lives, it can sometimes be hard to find a quick meal that doesn’t compromise your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Most everyone WANTS to eat healthy, but sometimes it’s just hard, confusing, or just plain inconvenient. That’s where Nautical Bowls fits in. They combine healthy, fresh, superfoods in what they call an “uplifting atmosphere.” We sure want to hear all about that!

Nikki D’Errico is from Nautical Bowls Charlotte. She’s our guest here on the BrandBuilders podcast!

298: Dr. Jag Gill – CEENTA

Founded in 1923 as the Charlotte Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, CEENTA has grown to become one of the largest multispecialty practices of its kind on the East Coast. That’s good news if you’re a patient—since you won’t have to travel to get top-quality care. In fact, CEENTA doctors pioneered some procedures right here in Charlotte that are now used daily around the world. Today, CEENTA has more than 150 providers in nearly 20 offices across the Carolinas. One of those providers is Dr. Jag Gill. He’s on the BrandBuilders Podcast with some stories that were 100 years in the making.

297: Matt Carr – Mach Partners

Here’s a bold claim for you: We deliver results-driven professionals to results-driven companies.

That’s what Mach Partners says about their ability and expertise in the professional recruitment services. We love that kind of attitude!

Mach Partners is a leading Executive Search firm focused on delivering top Private Equity, Technology, Hedge Fund, Real Estate, Operations, Accounting, and Alternative Investments professionals. We’ve got Matt Carr here on the BrandBuilders podcast to talk about the kind of talent their looking for – and how they back up that big claim.

296: Lee Black – Antilles Digital Media

A potential client can’t find you without a website. But these days it takes more than a web address and some good-looking graphics to attract customers and rise above the competition. That’s where Antilles Digital Media comes in.

Antilles Digital Media delivers high quality website design and SEO services to rank ahead of your competitors on search engine results. This allows their clients to increase their online organic presence to get NEW clients and MORE revenue.

Today in the studio, we’ve got Lee Black III, CEO of Antilles Digital Media. Welcome to the show!

295: Olivia Howell and Jenny Dreizen – Fresh Starts Registry

Starting over is hard work – whether it’s a job change, divorce, coming out, or living through grief… they all present unique challenges.

Sisters Olivia Howell and Jenny Dreizen are making those transitions easier with “Fresh Starts Registry,” a first-of-its-kind platform built to support those going through brave and bold changes.

They’ve told their story in interviews with Forbes, New York Magazine, NBC News, NY Post, and Daily Mail… now they’re our guests today on this episode of the BrandBuilders podcast.

294: Jonathan Kite – Rent Ready

Right out of college, our next guest began a career at Microsoft. Jonathan Kite held different roles that allowed him to interact with hundreds of different companies. He learned how they developed, supported, and evolved software to solve business problems. When his two other co-founders approached the idea of a startup, he knew the time was right to try something new and fill a gap in the multifamily industry.

Welcome, Jonathan Kite, co-founder of Rent Ready.

293: Jeff Dugdale – Queens University Athletics

In case you haven’t been keeping score, sports history is being made fresh daily this fall, right here at Queens University. The Royals have notched first-ever Division 1 goals, points, and WINS in baseball, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, field hockey… and more. To the doubters, let’s just say the Royals have put the A-Sun conference on notice!

Everyone loves a winner, and there’s LOTS to love over at Queens Athletics these days. We are stoked to have here in the studio — Jeff Dugdale, associate athletic director and swimming head coach.

292: Katy Ryan – KinderMourn

There’s NOTHING easy about losing a family member. That heartbreak must be magnified exponentially when it comes to losing a child. In Charlotte, families who do suffer this life-altering event don’t have to go it alone.

Since 1978, KinderMourn has helped bereaved parents, grieving children and teens by offering support and counseling programs, creating awareness of bereavement issues and empowering the community to assist those who have suffered though this loss.

One of the many ways they bring their message and mission to the greater community is through the annual “Hope Floats” duck race. To tell us all about it, we have Katy Ryan, KinderMourn’s Executive Director, and KinderMourn parent, Kelly Burton.