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James Ormond – Ormond Group

You can get anyone from a neighborhood teenager to a giant national franchise to mow your lawn.. but if you want a lawn DESIGN, you need a landscape professional. This can mean a lot of different things – James Ormond of The Ormond Group is a Certified Landscape Professional, or CLP. And he’s going to tell us about all the things we need to be doing right now to really make our yards “another room of our house.”


Stacy Cassio – Pink Mentor Network

We know having a mentor is the best way to learn a business, and if you’ve had one, you’re grateful someone would “show you the ropes.” Stacy Cassio is grateful for having many great mentors in her past, and wanted to create a way for women, in particular, to get mentorship. That’s how Pink Mentor Network was born. It’s Charlotte’s first female mentorship community. Stacy joins us on the BrandBuilders Podcast to teach us her vision about mentorship.. and why she’s still learning.


Clifford Blanquicet – Blanq Real Estate

Who loves to golf on their day off? I know a lot of you are raising your hands now.. but our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast is an actual pro golfer, who is now, also, a commercial real estate broker. He’s also one of Charlotte Agenda’s “30 under 30”.. and a father of “4 under 4.” YES — 4 children under the age of 4. How does he do it all? We’ve got Cliff Blanquicet here from Blanq Real Estate and we’re sure he has some stories to tell!!


Adam Farber – Middle C Jazz

It’s been a while… specifically, 25 years… since Uptown Charlotte had one of these. Do you know what it is? You’ll be surprised when I tell you…. it’s a jazz club. Yes, it’s been THAT long since there was one dedicated place you could listen to live jazz in uptown. A long time, right?

Well we’re happy to report that there is now live jazz in uptown at the corner of MLK and Brevard streets, across from the Convention Center. You can find concerts 3 nights a week, and great, comfortable surroundings. And who would be brave enough to bring jazz back to Charlotte? A family with deep roots in local entertainment – including jazz. Adam Farber with Middle C Jazz is here to fill us in.


John Morgan – Queen Charlotte’s Pimento Cheese

You have not truly tasted the South, until you have eaten pimento cheese. If you’re not “from here,” pimento cheese is a delightful spread made of cheese, cream cheese, mayonnaise, maybe some other ingredients like bacon or chives, and a few secret seasonings only the maker of said-brand cheese will ever know and certainly not tell you.

One of these cheeses to gain a lot of popularity here over the last 5 years since it was publicly “born” is Queen Charlotte’s Pimento Cheese. As the name suggests, it’s born and made right here in Charlotte and its owner and creator John Morgan has an interesting history, and a one-of-a-kind “how I got here” story.


Jessica Graham – Fionix Consulting

You want people to think positive thoughts about your business, right? Building a good brand message is essential to your sales and profits, and building a good corporate image is important to your place in the community. Books have been written on how to do that, and our next guest on BrandBuilders Podcast does that for a living.

Jessica Martin Graham owns Fionix Consulting, and has more than 25 years designing and leading strategic communications and community outreach for companies. She helps them look good and communicate what they’re about to the public — in other words, public relations.


Mecklenburg County Boy Scouts

One of the oldest and most venerable institutions in Charlotte turns 105 this year, and hundreds of thousands of young men and boys.. and now girls.. can say they’ve been a part of it. We’re talking about the Boy Scouts, and if you weren’t one, you know someone who was.

We’re delighted to have a few folks from the Mecklenburg County Council with us on the BrandBuilders Podcast today. The local council here in Mecklenburg County boasts 349 packs, troops, teams, crews, and posts — and includes nearly 12-thousand participants! Welcome Mark Turner, Eric Davis, and Jennifer Clutter.


Tom Lane – One Team Leadership

If you watch the corporate world, you wonder, ‘Why does one company succeed and another one fail? What does it mean to do things right, or where did the failing company go wrong?’ We hear a lot about Google and Microsoft and the fun corporate campuses providing interesting perks– but is that what it takes?

Our next guest specializes in “what it takes” to find success as a company. Tom Lane is with OneTeam Leadership, which helps companies find that key to success with what’s called a “One Team Performance Pyramid.”

Jake Fehling – Movement Mortgage

We could talk about mortgage lenders on the BrandBuilders Podcast, and a lot of the questions would sound the same no matter which company we talked to. But not this one – mostly because today’s guest, who is the VP of Marketing at Movement Mortgage, is a kind of celebrity on his own.

Now his bosses might not want us to say that, because he may or may not be visiting us on company time, but Jake Fehling is pretty well-known around town as a podcast host, instagrammer, and celebrity husband of “Good Day Charlotte” host Page Fehling on Fox 46.

Terry Fritch – Swim MAC

Every four years, we love to yell and cheer and jump out of our seats watching the Olympics — and this is one of those years, and swimming is one of those sports that gets us most excited.

Turns out, we have an amazing Olympic swimming tradition right here in Charlotte — SwimMAC Carolina. The team celebrated its 40th year in 2017, and daily, trains swimmers from the youngest  beginners to the national-level champions. Terry Fritch is their head coach, and joins us on the BrandBuilders Podcast to talk about a brand that is, undisputedly, synonymous with swimming locally and nationwide.