Brian Lafontaine

It takes thousands of people to make a movie.. and literally HUNDREDS of actors. But not everyone who appears on screen is a name you’d recognize unless they lived next door to you. Our next guest on BrandBuilders Podcast is one of those guys. Brian LaFontaine tells us how he’s made a career out of being an actor whose name you don’t know, but whose work you have probably seen.

Quinton Gibson

When someone as famous as Darius Rucker — from Hootie and the Blowfish — decides to change gears and become a solo act, he’s going to build a team of musicians he can believe in. One of those musicians, guitarist Quinton Gibson, is from the Carolinas, just like Rucker. On this BrandBuilders Podcast, we hear about life on the road with one of the 90’s coolest cats, and what he’s doing in his life at home here in Charlotte, too.

Will Mullinix – Lawn & Mullinix Mortgage

A home purchase is one of the biggest expenses you’ll ever have in your life — second, maybe to your college education or your kids. But it also can build equity, so it’s important to make a good investment. Where do you start? Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast has some answers. Will Mullinix of Lawn & Mullinix Mortgage shares his insights about how to plan for that big step into home ownership.

Ben Wilhelm – Unscripted

One-size-fits-all rarely fits more than a few people, whether it’s clothes, athletic training, or leadership coaching. Ben Wilhelm uses that philosophy of working with individual strengths as managing partner of Unscripted, his executive consulting company, Ben shares with the BrandBuilders Podcast his tailored approach to getting employees motivated for the team.

Eric Kuester – Pinehurst

Spring is in the air — along with the pollen— but that still has us ready to get outdoors after so much cold & rainy winter weather. It’s hard to argue that North Carolina golf courses aren’t some of this season’s favorite destinations. And anyone who loves golf knows one of the best, and “most storied,” courses in the world is right here in North Carolina at Pinehurst. Eric Kuester of Pinehurst Resort and Country Club tees it up with the BrandBuilders Podcast and the coming season.

Cam Marston – Generational Insights

Cam Marston is the President and Owner of Generational Insights which provides clients the link between the generational and demographic shift in the workplace and marketplace. He’s also the host of his own podcast, What’s Working with Cam Marston. Cam provides specific actions which change the way businesses sell, market, manage, and lead, all while throwing in some big doses of humor to make the pill easier to swallow.

Clem McDavid – Babel Street

In an age where we can have endless information at our fingertips around the clock and from around the globe, how do you make sense of it all? Especially, if some of it is in a different language or many different languages? Babel Street is a data analytics company that works to do that in more than 200 languages, and can chart social media in 18 major world languages. VP Clem McDavid shares the insights Babel Street can learn from all of this data, and social media monitoring worldwide.

Alan Simonini – Simonini Homes

One name that is consistent with luxury homebuilding in Charlotte is Simonini Homes. Alan Simonini and partners started the well-known company in 1994, but like most companies in the great recession, Simonini Homes hit a snag – even announcing it would close down in 2010. But you can’t keep a good man down, and they are back in business. Founder Alan Simonini shares what it takes to bring back a brand on this episode of the BrandBuilders Podcast.

Dick Sesler – Camp Blue Skies

Parenting a special needs child that is all grown up, is a different kind of challenge. Dick Sesler realized his adult son needed the same kind of social interaction and skills-building as many young, special-needs children, but with fewer services available. On this BrandBuilders Podcast, he shares the story behind Camp Blue Skies — a 5-day, 4-night camp for kids over 21 who still want to play and make friends.

Josh Dernosek – Aldo Products

“The ceiling is the ROOF!” according to one of North Carolina’s favorite sons. Of course, if you’re a Carolina fan — or just a basketball fan — you know it was Michael Jordan. BrandBuilders Podcast guest Josh Dernosek also specializes in keeping your roof solid under our Carolina Blue skies — he is the Southeast Region Sales Manager for Aldo Products, whose roof coatings keep the rain and weather outside your home where it belongs, instead of pouring down from your ceiling into your living room.