161: Kristin Cagney – Summit Seltzer

So have you been yearning for something besides beer and wine? (Nothing against those guys… just sometimes… you want something different.) If you’re looking for something a little lighter, that you can sit and sip, and be social, too — we know just what you’re looking for. The hard seltzer industry is BLOWING UP this year, and Charlotte’s about to get its first hard seltzery. Yes, that’s a thing. There are only 2 others custom-built like this one in the country, and now, we have one here in Charlotte.

Let’s give a big, bubbly welcome to Kristin Cagney, owner of Summit Seltzer and her general manager, Andrew Mayer. They’re opening up on the West Side today!

160: Isaac & Asher Anthes – Hardwood Creations

Right now — for a lot of us — the same kitchen that is the center of breakfast and dinner, has become our corporate break room and snack vendor. And if you’re like a lot of us, you’ve walked into your kitchen for the 33rd time each day and said, “This needs work.” Kitchen and bath renovations have always been popular home improvement projects, and the centerpiece is always cabinets.

Today on the BrandBuilders Podcast we have Isaac & Asher Anthes, from Hardwood Creations, and let me tell you — they do some beautiful work. If you want to renovate and put in some cabinets… listen in.

159: Frank Schwartz – F3

Getting up early to work out can be a real bummer. How many times have we felt alone in the dark, unmotivated by our isolation — even in a gym? Probably too many times to count — and, I’m going to say this cautiously — especially if you’re a guy. We guys tend to be singular and focused on doing our workouts in our own bubble, am I right? We’re just not social or prone to leaning on each other in a lot of cases when it comes to working out.

Well, F3 is a workout group formed in Charlotte in 2011, and going strong across the nation 9 years later. It’s about Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith — and let’s add that 4th F — always Free. Frank Schwartz is the President of F3 and he’s bringing all of his positive energy to the BrandBuilders Podcast today to get us fired up to get in shape!

158: Amy Sullivan Hicks – ABC Carolinas

Building is big business, and the Carolinas have seen their explosion in growth over the last decade — just look at Uptown, South End, or anywhere south of I-485 for proof. The Associated Builders and Contractors of the Carolinas is a trade group representing merit construction contractors in North and South Carolina, watching and building our tremendous growth.

Their new President and CEO joins us on the BrandBuilders Podcast this morning to talk about her work — Amy Sullivan Hicks is known for her work in the construction industry and also her energy and positivity in her work and relationships.

157: Cass Ward – Nexagy

Growing a business is great. It’s kinda like having a baby – fun and challenging at first, then a little messy, then more complex as it grows. How do you parent this growing challenge? Well… sometimes you need a little help. Call it support, relief, or even bringing in grandma to take over for a weekend because she’s more experienced at all of this. And that’s kind of what our next guest does for businesses.

Cassmer Ward is a teacher, author, and consultant for entrepreneurs who need to pull all of their threads together to make a stronger fabric out of their business. He’s the experienced consultant you bring in when you need to step back and reorganize. He’s an adjunct professor at Queens University’s McColl School of Business and a consulting partner at Nexagy.


156: Magued Eldaief – Prescient

If you’ve lived in Charlotte the past 10 years, you can’t miss the way the center city has been transformed with apartments and other multi-family housing. Charlotte’s growth is exploding and all of our new residents have to live somewhere. In fact, a lot of cities have faced this problem as that large group of kids known as Millennials leave college and join the workforce.

So how do you build housing fast enough? And how do you make it affordable? Our next guests here on the BrandBuilders Podcast are on the cutting edge of the multi-unit design-build industry. Magued Eldaief is CEO of Prescient, which builds buildings up to 17 stories tall using a streamlined digital process that saves time and money. That sounds cool!


155: Andy Pfeiffer & Michael Hernandez – Arthur Elliott

Brand marketers have one job: to make your business stand out, so you can sell your product or service. But in a pandemic, where a lot of businesses have to shift, or pivot, or close, a strong brand can help you just survive.

Arthur Elliott is a strategic marketing company that has been helping companies do that, but then went a step further. They’ve used their marketing expertise to help one group we know has been hit hard – restaurants. We welcome Andy Pfeiffer and Michael Hernandez of Arthur Elliott to the BrandBuilders Podcast to tell us about it.


154: David Worrell – Fuse Financial Partners

The business of America is business, but if you’re going to start one, you have to know how to manage it so it can stay afloat and even expand. When you’re the owner, you’re also the Chief Financial Officer – unless you want to hire one to do that job for you.

That’s where David Worrell of Fuse Financial Partners comes in. He’s a fractional CFO – someone who can do the work for you, when you can’t afford to hire a CFO full-time. He can help your business grow and make more money, and he’s joining us on the BrandBuilders Podcast to tell us a few of his secrets.


153: ReAnne Moyer – Lovely Bride

All girls like to dream about what they’ll be when they grow up.. and for most of them, that includes having a wedding someday. And what is a wedding without the perfect dress? It can take years of looking at dresses in magazines to know what you want, and when you finally need it, you have to find it. Our next guess can help.

One of our favorite brides joins us now on the BrandBuilders podcast and guess what… she has just opened her own bridal boutique with designer dresses girls will love. We welcome ReAnne Moyer, newlywed and owner of Lovely Bride bridal shop.


152: Linda Kirby & Sid Wood – Boingo Graphics

Making your brand stand out in our insta-ready world can be a challenge. How do you communicate your brand, your product, your service in a quick, eye-catching, and easy-to-understand format? Boingo Graphics in the business of making it happen.

Linda Kirby developed a love of “ink on paper” in high school and has worked her passion from her beginnings with Boingo in 1990. Sid Wood joined the team in 1994. They’re joining us now on the BrandBuilders Podcast to share how the business is evolving in the digital age, to stand out on paper.