221: Bo South – Myers & Chapman

You know that when the Realtors Association wants YOU to build their new office, that says something. I mean, these are the folks who sell buildings for a living! Well, the company that built the new Charlotte Regional Realtors building in Midtown Charlotte has been in business for nearly *70 years*.  That’s a long time, and you’ll see their work around the region in Atrium Medical offices, Cannon School, Quail Corners shopping center, the new Charlotte Humane Society Animal Resource Center, and many, many other places.

It takes a special commitment to be part of building a community for 70 years, and Bo South can share what sustains the local construction past, present, and future. He’s the VP of Sales & Marketing at Myers and Chapman, and was once named one of Charlotte Business Journal’s 40 Under 40.

220: Shawn McIntosh – Charlotte FC

Charlotte’s got Major League Soccer! We got the announcement a couple of years ago, and while the pandemic has delayed the launch of the “Charlotte Football Club” games, the fans have not taken any time off getting ready for the inaugural season. That’s why the club’s “CFO” — which in this case, means “Chief Fan Officer” — is already hard at work.

Shawn McIntosh brings over a decade of pro sports experience to Charlotte, after sales and service jobs with the Norfolk Admirals hockey team, the Houston Dynamo soccer team, and pro basketball teams in Las Vegas and Phoenix. Now he’s building OUR team — the Queen City’s first MLS team — from fan 1 on up.

219: Megan Erber & Annie Schmidt – NAMI Sleep in 4 Good

We’d all like to sleep in once in a while — it’s a great way to “rest up” when your mind or body is exhausted, and it’s something we just don’t do enough (ask any parent of young kids!) Adequate sleep is also important for mental health! How many of us get grouchy or short-tempered when we don’t get enough sleep? That’s most of us. And sleep really goes beyond just daily temperament when it comes to your mental health, too.

So if you throw a fundraiser to benefit the National Association on Mental Illness, or NAMI, but some at the table would rather sleep-in than run…. An idea is born. That’s where the “Sleep in 4 Good” woke up and joined the party. Megan Erber from “Promo Cares” and Annie Schmidt from NAMI of Wake County are here on the BrandBuilders Podcast to talk about mental health and how we can sleep in –on purpose– to benefit NAMI.

218: Tim Rhodes – Novant Health Charlotte Marathon

It’s a race local runners look forward to all year: the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon. In fact, this year, they’ve waited TWO years to run it in person! The pandemic canceled last year’s marathon, just one year after so many people signed up that they exceeded the number of finishers’ medals available. That was a nice problem to have. On Saturday, November 13th, they’re back and better than ever.

Tim Rhodes is the Race Director who has shepherded the last several years’ marathons to the finish line. He’s the owner of RunCharlotte, which organizes the 26.2 mile race, and all of the other races that go with it. And he joins us now on the BrandBuilders Podcast to give us a peek at how they’re bringing the marathon back to Charlotte in style.

217: Brie Chrisman – BC Creative

Starting your own small business can seem like an overwhelming task. First, you know your product — it’s that thing you know you can make money doing or selling. But what about the rest? The details? Those little things that seem to take away so much time from the business *you know you could grow exponentially* if you could just. get. the details. done?

That’s the whole idea behind BC Creative — a service to take the devil out of the details by organizing the tedious time-suckers in your business day. If necessity is the mother of invention, this business was the mother’s helper Brie Chrisman needed in the pandemic. Brie is the founder and owner of BC Creative, and she shares lessons about her first year in business on the BrandBuilders Podcast with us today.

216: Matt Frazier – No Meat Athlete

In the land of fried chicken and juicy pork barbeque, it’s not every day you hear someone extolling the virtues of a meatless diet. I mean, we grew up with the food pyramid that had protein as the top tier, usually as a lean cut of meat like chicken or beef. Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast, though, says you can re-think that top triangle on your food pyramid, and it could be a healthier choice for you — even if you’re an athlete.

Matt Frazier is the author of No Meat Athlete, and writes the basics of being an athlete on a vegan diet. In fact, Matt says your performance will actually improve. He’s perfecting his diet every day, as an athlete and as a dad.

215: Travis Manigan – Gradify

If you have students in middle school, it’s not too early to start looking at college and career options. I know — you’re probably thinking your adorable youngsters just finished preschool (in your mind) — but they are actually closer to the day they graduate from high school than they are to that day they started kindergarten. Yikes! How do you start making the choices about schools, majors, or possible careers?

Leave it to a former teacher to figure out a way to sort it all out. Gradify is a website and program that helps your middle and high school students find a career path they’d like to follow and points them to the tools to get them there. Its founder, Travis Manigan, is with us today on the BrandBuilders Podcast to teach us how to use Gradify to help your kids with their life choices.

214: Autism Strong & Choate Construction – Build Strong

About 1 in 54 children in our country were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder last year, with boys 4 times more likely than girls to be diagnosed. But there is still so much we are learning about Autism — and foremost, is that it can take many shapes and characteristics. In other words, it is a spectrum, not any one thing.

Rudy Thoms’ has spent his career in medical device sales, but the thing he’s passionate about is helping families who are making their way along with a child who is on the autism spectrum. His son Landon was diagnosed in 2009, when he was just a toddler. Rudy is the founder of Autism Strong here in Charlotte, and is joining us along with Stephanie Neuman and Choate Constructions’s Richard Conway to talk about their partnership and upcoming Build Strong event.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AutismStrong

Facebook Buildstrong Event: https://fb.me/e/1xOMJ9azd

213: Michel Fox & Josh Hyman – K2 Advisor Group

It’s no secret healthcare costs are pretty high, and one simple procedure or one bad illness can send you into personal bankruptcy. Even with insurance, your out-of-pocket costs are a significant chunk of money. No wonder health insurance benefits are one of the top expenditures for any company, too. So how does a business know it’s giving employees the coverage they need, without cutting corners or spending a fortune?

That’s where our next guests come in. Michael Fox and Josh Hyman have similar backgrounds… as athletes and teachers…. but they came together over their work in the insurance business. They both thought, there’s gotta be a better way. They launched K2 Advisors to help companies save money without cutting out important healthcare options. Michael and Josh join us on the BrandBuilders Podcast now to tell us how they do that.

212: Leigh Humphrey – Swan Beauty

The beauty industry for women in the US is a staggering $62 billion dollar business, and that goes up to $511 Billion worldwide for 2021. So you might guess, there’s money to be made in the beauty business, right? Well, of course. But in a year when a lot of women just didn’t feel comfortable shopping for make-up because of COVID, or salons were shut down, two Charlotte women brought a beauty box right to your door.

Leigh Humphry is an artificial intelligence and data pro who was looking for a way to bring a great customer experience to a new product. Lindsey Regan Thorne is a local beauty influencer who owns her own company as a make-up artist. Put the two together and you get Swan Beauty, a way to shop for personalized cosmetics — and apply them — without ever having to hit the mall.