Josh Dernosek – Aldo Products

“The ceiling is the ROOF!” according to one of North Carolina’s favorite sons. Of course, if you’re a Carolina fan — or just a basketball fan — you know it was Michael Jordan. BrandBuilders Podcast guest Josh Dernosek also specializes in keeping your roof solid under our Carolina Blue skies — he is the Southeast Region Sales Manager for Aldo Products, whose roof coatings keep the rain and weather outside your home where it belongs, instead of pouring down from your ceiling into your living room.

Brick McDermott – Highlands Residential Mortgage

Buying a house comes with a lot of preparation, and a lot of decisions. Our next guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast might tell you, “Just look for Brick!” No, that’s not style advice — it’s a slogan we imagine our guest, Brick McDermott with Highlands Residential Mortgage, could use. He gives us advice on mortgage questions you might have for buying your first home, or upgrading after the recent revaluations.

Bart Noonan – West Blvd Ministry

Charlotte’s “inner ring” has seen a lot of growth and changes over the last 10 years, with areas north, south, and east of uptown being rebuilt into newer, fresher areas. That growth is slowly creeping west, too, but still has a ways to go.

Someone who knows that, as well as anyone, is Bart Noonan of West Boulevard Ministries. Once one of Charlotte’s most solid post-war middle-class neighborhoods, West Boulevard has been split by an interstate and dotted with high-poverty enclaves over the last 50 years. Bart is reaching out to lift up the folks living there. Welcome, Bart.

Sam Lograsso – Sharp

Back in the old days, there were a few things an office needed to run effectively – the coffee maker, the phones, and the copier. Well, times have changed! We all share data without paper, make calls and answer e-mail on our phones, and … oh yes… suffer when the network goes down. Today’s guest on the BrandBuilders Podcast is Sam Lograsso of Sharp.

Justin L’Ecuyer and Jimmy Coleman – Mako Medical

Modern business can be full of sharks — but one North Carolina company embraces that! Actually, it’s their company name and logo. Mako Medical Laboratories is a full-scale medical lab serving business, doctors, urgent care facilities, and hospitals around the U.S., all from its headquarters in Raleigh. Mako Medical has won a dozen major awards and has been named the fastest-growing company in the Raleigh-Durham area for 3 years in a row. But even more than that, it’s known for charity outreach, supporting missionaries, and even a whole division of the company that hires ONLY veterans.

Welcome to the podcast, Justin L’Ecuyer and Jimmy Coleman!

Josh Rainey – JunkLuggers

We’ve all done it — kept a little too much stuff that we just couldn’t part with, but didn’t know what to do with either. Then something happens and we’re suddenly willing to PAY someone to just take it all away.

But what if it’s still useful? Or means something? Or even if we can’t use it anymore, someone could — but you just don’t know who? We’ve all been there, and Josh Rainey has known more than a few people who have been there too. He’s local co-owner and Business Development Manager of JunkLuggers of Charlotte, a junk removal company with a soft heart and a green mind. Welcome, Josh!

Whitney Cole – Mission Maven

Whitney Cole calls herself The Mission Maven – it’s the “handle” for her marketing company. But what she really wanted to do as a kid was become a pediatric cardiologist, like the ones who saved her life after she was born with a congenital heart defect. She realized early on that she’s better at writing than biology, though, so she decided to use her gift to promote lifesaving technology made by geniuses who invent them – so the devices get to those who need them.

Brandon Lindsey – Dream on 3

Dream On 3 came from what founder Brandon Lindsey calls “a Jerry McGuire moment” in November of 2012. The non-profit provides up-close, personal sports experiences for children and young adults with life-altering conditions, and the group’s portfolio is full of pictures of smiling children who have had their “dream experiences” — and many who are still waiting. Joining us on the BrandBuilders Podcast is Brandon Lindsey.

Tammy & John Martin – YBLA

Stereotypes aren’t good for anybody, and usually the best way 
to dispel them is to start a conversation… and present something different.

Our guests on the BrandBuilders Podcast didn’t like the way young African-American men were being portrayed in popular media, and set out to present — even create — a different picture. That’s how Tammy and John Martin started the Young Black Leadership Alliance, and it’s making a difference.