180: Matt Dengler – RxRD Nutrition

180: Matt Dengler – RxRD Nutrition

Okay, listeners – raise your hand if you struggled with eating healthy last year –

Now raise your hand if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat better –

If your hand is up, your resolution is also the number one resolution made by folks every January, along with exercising more. (You can put your hands down now.)

The big question is HOW.  You’re also not alone if you’ve run out of creative ways to create dinner while only going to the store once a week. Our next guest on BrandBuilders Podcast can help – Matt Dengler is a Registered Dietitian, owner and founder of RxRD Nutrition, and he’s made a pretty good business out of telling people in very simple terms, how easy it is to eat right and take care of yourself. Welcome, Matt!

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